Welcome to Changhua


Soulmap Hostel is a unique and convenient packbackers’ base in Changhua. It is close to the train and bus stations, being only a 6-minute walk away from both. If you have come to see the world famous Changhua Rail Roundhouse, then you will be happy to know that Soulmap Hostel is literally just around the corner.

Changhua, located in the center of Taiwan, is best known for its landmark statue of the Buddha. The Great Buddha of Baguashan (八卦山大佛) is a 24-meter-high statue located on the hill above 74 meters sea level. Take an uphill walk along Guashan Road, and you will arrive at the entrance gate of the Giant Buddha Scenic Area. In the front of Great Buddha is a great spot to overlook the whole of Changhua City. This is a lively and friendly city, with some of the best creative and lovely shops and attractions located just a short walk away!

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